Engine Oil

Choosing your Engine Oil for your vehicle application

It is important to choose the right engine oil for your car maintenance and servicing. If you don't pay attention to the specification, you might end up damaging your vehicle engine, which resulted to costly repairs. Hence, getting the right engine oil for your vehicle is crucial.
In Multiwill Enterprises, we offer high quality OEM grade engine oil to meet the needs of your vehicle. We provide the necessary information needed for you to check if the engine oil is applicable for your vehicle. Nonetheless, you should always check your owner's manual book for the recommended grades of oil by your car's manufacturer.
ACDelco Engine Oil
Maintain your vehicle with ACDelco quality fluids & lubricants available for nearly all makes and models. Whether you are looking for Engine Oil, , Coolant or Brake Fluid, you can rest assured that ACDelco has high-quality fluids & lubricants to meet your needs.
Supreme Plus – API SN PLUS/ ILSAC GF-5

A 100% fully synthetic engine oil designed to offer maximum performance and protection under severe conditions, including European vehicle applications in petrol and diesel naturally aspirated and turbocharged vehicles.
ACDelco Engine Oil 15W40
Select – API SL/CI-4

A quality 15W40 semi synthetic oil, ACDelco Select is suitable for all engines in all conditions, for all seasons. Specially recommended for fleets running a combination of cars and light vans, its special additives ensure high detergency, with exceptional antiwear and dispersant properties.
ACDelco Engine Oil 0W20
(Recommend for Hybrid vehicle)
ACDelco Gasoline Supreme Plus SAE 0W-20 is a fully synthetic engine oil, meets API SN PLUS the world class OEM requirement on lubricating properties and engine protection standards. It is special designed for modern gasoline engine with combination of high quality synthetic base oil and carefully selected additive.
(Extended Life)

ACDelco Extended Life Red Coolant 50/50 pre-mixed is nitrites free coolant that contains ethylene glycol. Aqueous solution of it act both as excellent antifreeze and coolant and impart very good anticorrosion protection to all metal parts found in the cooling systems of internal combustion engines
Bosch Engine Oil
Bosch Invented for Life Logo
The Bosch lubricant line ensures that your engine stays in optimum condition over a much longer period and has the strength to push the boundaries of performance.
Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
Premium X7

Recommended for vehicles with turbocharger, compressed natural gas and gasoline engines for premium sedan and light truck.
Premium X7

Recommended for newer vehicles
Eg. Hybrid vehicles which meet the standard of ILASC GF-5.