Brake Pad

FBK Original

FBK Brake pad - Smooth and Comfortable


Semi Metallic Material

FBK Brake pad has more than 500 E-Mark listed brake pads bearing the E1 or E11 Sign. All FBK Brake Pads also come standard with Shims and Scorching. FBK deliver brake pads to vehicle manufacturers in Malaysia for the first OE fitment in newly manufactured cars.

NASI Brake Pad

NASI Auto Parts Brake Pad

No noise and no dust NEW

Ceramic Material

Brake pad is made of ceramic fiber, non-ferrous filler material. Anti-acid and anti-alkali, resistant to high temperature, no noise or dust, long service life.

REICK Automotive Parts

REICK Automotive Brake Pad

Manufacture under ISO9001 & ISO/TS16949

Organic Material

REICK Automotive Brake Pad has secured a leading position in Chinese automotive brake pad industry with its abundant production experience, powerful technology and scientific management.