In the automotive arena, Bosch is the world’s original equipment and innovation leader. Everyday motorists and service providers rely upon Bosch premium replacement parts to make vehicles run better, cleaner and more efficiently. Bosch also offers a complete range of diagnostic and wheel service equipment along with state-of-the-art technical training, making Bosch the only automotive supplier to provide a complete solution for today’s repair shops.
Bosch continuously revolutionises its line of products for the automotive industry across the globe. With today‘s cars being fitted with more and more components that run on electricity, having a high quality and reliable battery power is ever more essential. Batteries from Bosch deliver better performance and dependable power for every car, as well as those with Start-Stop Systems and Alternator Management Systems.
Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)
Batteries with EFB technology are built for higher performance than conventional flooded batteries.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
Batteries with AGM technology provide excellent charge acceptance & peak power for vehicles with start/stop systems.

How Start-Stop Technology Works
  1. When the vehicle comes to a stop, the engine switches off.
  2.  The battery continuously powers  the air-conditioning, lighting and other infotainment systems
  3. The engine automatically restarts once the driver engages the clutch pedel/ releases the brake pedal in an automatic vehicle.
Why do we need EFB/AGM Battery?
In city traffic, the vehicle’s electrical system can consume more power than the alternator can supply. Due to less charging opportunity in start-stop systems, it is crucial to have a battery that is able to recharge quickly with superior starting power to enable engine off-mode. If a non-EFB/AGM battery is used in a start-stop application, it will cause enormous stress on the battery plates which can results to premature failure.

SM Mega Power

SM Mega Power Silver

ST Hightec EFB

Hightec AGM

The Bosch lubricant line ensures that your engine stays in optimum condition over a much longer period and
has the strength to push the boundaries of performance.

Oil Filters
✓ Large filter surface and excellent dirt collection
✓ Reduces engine wear and tear
✓ Special rubber sealing prevents oil leakage
✓ High dust-holding capacity
✓ Sealed and protected against corrosion
✓ Long service lift
Automotive Bulbs
Bosch lighting systems satisfy the highest standards and offer exactly the right product for every application. The extensive lighting systems range includes headlamps, rear lamps, auxiliary lamps, work lamps, rotating beacons and a wide selection of bulbs. With innovative components for advanced lighting systems, Bosch makes a crucial contribution to road safety.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions.

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Wiper Performance
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High Speed
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Natural Rubber with exclusive Graphite Treatment, precision-cut wiping edge for tropical climate

Clear Advantage

Aerodynamic Symmetrical Wind Spoiler that uses airflow for increase blade to windscreen contact and fight blade lift-off at high speed and strong winds


High-tech spring strip and aerodynamically optimized profile for perfect wiping over the full area

Rear Wiper Blade

Bosch’s plastic design wiper blades are developed to resemble the familiar shape of most vehicle’s original equipment.