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How is General Motors and ACDelco GM related?

ACDelco GM (General Motors ) Original Equipment
For over a hundred years, General Motors (GM) has been pushing the limits of transportation and technology. GM is a leading global automotive parts manufacturing company which offers a wide range of replacement and servicing parts. Not only do they provide parts for GM vehicles such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, but also many other makes and models. Through the partnership with GM Genuine Parts, ACDelco GM Original Equipment is able to provide the best possible automotive experience to meet the rigorous standards of the automotive industry.

Multiwill Enterprises Pte Ltd has been the sole distributor for ACDelco (General Motors) for more than 10 years in Singapore. Bringing in servicing products such as wiper blade and engine oil to meet the needs of the industry. We will continue to work together to bring in more quality original equipment parts (OEP).
ACDelco Wiper Products provide high-quality replacement windshield wipers made in Korea. Rust-, bend- and chip-resistant, aerodynamically designed to avoid lift and available for a variety of applications, ACDelco Wiper Blades offer the latest in windshield wiper blade technology. ACDelco can fit your budget as easily as we fit your windshield.


  • Feature an all-metal blade construction for durability
  • Precisely fitted wiper elements provide a smooth and quiet operation
  • Provides the performance you expect from ACDelco, at an economical price


  • Composed of a natural and synthetic blended rubber compound that enhances wiping performance and durability
  • Aerodynamic spoiler helps reduce wind lift
  • Include easy connection technology for quick and simple installation

Maintain your vehicle with ACDelco quality fluids & lubricants available for nearly all makes and models.
Whether you are looking for engine oil or coolant,
you can rest assured that ACDelco has high-quality fluids & lubricants to meet your needs.

ACDelco Engine Oil 15W40
ACDelco Engine Oil 5W30
ACDelco Engine Oil 0W20